When the clock strikes Midnight.

It’s been a while, eh? I wish I had a great excuse as to why I haven’t posted anything, but unfortunately, it’s just life. Crazy ole’ life. Sometimes it’s really nice to take a break from being connected to the cyber world. Taking a break from the Internet is exactly what I needed after coming home to the big city and readjusting back into the fast lane lifestyle.

It’s funny… My eyes have been quick to notice particular things they never noticed here before. I was cruising down HW-121 the other night to meet some friends. When I got high up on the ramp I looked out over all of the suburbs and was in awe. For the first time I realized that even though a beautiful, gigantic sea may not surround this home, it is, however, surrounded by a sea of bright, always shining lights. Somehow I’ve managed to keep my internal clock calm and un-eager to settle into the “human race” that so many city-goers revolve around.

I thought about 2013 a lot on my way home. I also reflected on 2012 quite a bit. My, oh my, how much of a growing year it was. Pouring out with change in big and small ways. There were times I really wondered if I would make it to this day half sane. Now THAT’S sayin’ somethin’. I remember driving through the hills of Tennessee and hearing a song that took me back to months ago. I think that was the first moment I understood what people mean by driving down “memory lane.” It was just the winding road, cruising through one memory at a time. Quite a beautiful thing for this little twenty-year-old.

I’ve always done the usual go out and celebrate with friends on New Years Eve. However, I’m ending 2012 once again with a little change in routine. Going out with a BANG and embracing the change you could say. I’m quite excited and happy about it, too. This year I’ll be spending it snuggled up on the couch with my furry, cold-nose baby and best friend, sipping a lovely glass of red wine and watching New Years Eve. And to end things right, I’ll be devoting those last few seconds of twenty twelve onto my mat by going to a special candle lit yoga class dedicated to ringing in 2013. Some of you may think, wow, she’s crazy and clearly not twenty. But the way I see it is that it’s better to acknowledge the hard times. To accept that, ya know, 2012 was a heart breaker and maybe it got me on my knees quite a few times. And that’s why I can’t imagine being anywhere else but my mat. It’s time to release this year back into the universe for the better of this year to come. So when I bow my head as the clock strikes midnight, I’ll let the drops of sweat and a few tears fall, which they will, I’ll let them fall gracefully onto my mat and smile knowing that I’m a little bit stronger, taller, and at peace with twenty twelve. And when my gaze comes up as the clock strikes 12:01 I’ll smile even bigger because that way, I have a perfect ending and definitely a perfect beginning.

2013 is going to be so different. It’s my lucky year. I can feel it through every part of my body. Thirteen is in fact mine, as well as my family’s lucky number. In fact it’s already off to a great start. Today I was given a free gift card at my favorite store while I was gift shopping for my mummy! Then as I sat down to write this little blog, a handsome young gent gave me a nonfat Chai latte because Starbucks made an extra one. Lucky girl, eh? AND I’ll also be roaming around Europe before I know it with my best friend.

So here’s my little Dr. Seuss moment… The past is gone, the future is so bright. I finally see 2013 is shining a small promising light. Lots of changes and places to see! Exciting part is that it’s all up to me.

“New Year’s Eve is a time to remember both our triumphs and our missteps – our promises made, and broken. The times we opened ourselves up to great adventures – or closed ourselves down, for fear of getting hurt. Because that’s what New Year’s is all about: getting another chance. A chance to forgive, to do better, to do more, to give more, to love more. And stop worrying about ‘what if’ and start embracing what would be. So at midnight, let’s remember to be nice to each other, kind to each other. And not just tonight but all year long.”

Happy New Years everyone. I hope 2013 is everything and more you hope it to be.
These are just a few blessings I’m thankful for, in all your ways, shapes, and forms. Thank you for being apart of my 2012. You made it one that’s close to this little big heart.

Always, always, always loving, treasuring, and cherishing the life they shared with me. I will forever keep your memories.
Aline  George & Rankin          1953

Since kindergarten. 2012 was just one tiny page in our book. You’ll always be my kindred spirit and one of the best gifts I was ever given.



Easter with my favorite ladies. Plus Sarah Anne. image(11)

No words come close to the amount of love.


You came into my life during one of the hardest years. God knew what he was doing. I’m blessed. You bring out the craziest parts of me. THANK YOU. <;;;;;3 Big love Catheter.



I’m thankful for sliiiiightly intoxicated bathroom pictures during a bachelorette party. GREAT to look back on the next morning.


You inspire me in so many different ways. You always have soft words with kind, deep messages. Thank you for always being you and different from the rest. You are so special little bird.


To the trips that make you laugh until you cry, open your eyes to the beauty all around you, and make you feel temporarily insane….. LOVE EM. Every single minute of it. DSC_0557 DSC_0733


Thankful for being apart of this lovely clan. MENDES<;;;;;3DSC_0895

Oh…. they already know. IMG_7470

Thankful for this cheetah.



You’re the best Daddy.


My third brother. Big love sir. Big big love B.


From climbing hay bales to sneaking into creaky old houses and hourless skype nights, it’s been crazy journey since day one. But I’m thankful for every itty bitty part of it together and apart, Squirt. IMG_7772


This sidekick is always my biggest fan. XoIMG_7790


We always manage to get into weird and somehow spooky, but ALWAYS fun adventures. Thank you for always being a sweet ear that listens and the master of bringing a great big smile to mine and I’m almost positive everyone’s face.



Thankful for new, odd.. 😉 CANADIAN crazies.IMG_7811

You’ll always be one of the brightest gems in my life.


LOL. This was just a must. Remember that day like no other.


Sweet Sam.


My best friend and mom. You are everything and more.


From toys to boys…oh my, no distance or time can fade us. Always picking up right where we left off. I’m so proud of who you are. I love my Britt.



Thankful for 59 big hearts I now get to call my family. Xo


The best present I was ever given. Joy is just one little gift you bring to my life. DSC_1329


6 thoughts on “When the clock strikes Midnight.

  1. Marsha Schurman says:

    Are you sure you’re just 20? What a beautiful blog. Best wishes in 2013. Looking forward to more of your blogs.
    Love Marsha

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