Caroline Mendes was born and raised deep in the heart of Dallas, Texas. After deciding to give university a break to travel and pursue a career in yoga, she decided to attended the Moksha Teacher Training in Victoria, B.C. of 2012.  When the training was complete, Caroline found herself on Prince Edward Island where she was given a wonderful opportunity to teach at Moksha Yoga Charlottetown. Caroline counts teaching as one of the best blessing she’s been given in having a job that fulfills her desire to live fully in the present, love unconditionally, and impact the world one day and sweat at a time.  Being known as an artsy fart growing up Caroline grasped her passions and ran with them.  A few of those creative passions being; painting, dancing, cooking, singing and…writing.

Adventures of a Wandering Heart is a gathering of many stories and experiences from a summer of growth for life and love.  It is also an unfolding story that has taken place since that summer and beyond.  Caroline currently resides in Dallas, TX where she is finishing her degree in Journalism and Creative Writing at Southern Methodist University.  She plans to do what she loves most after graduating  which is traveling, learning, teaching yoga and writing. Adventures of a Wandering Heart is a journey through a young woman’s grateful heart taking life with a grain of salt.


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